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Are you a martial artist, kickboxer or a boxer? Fitness professional or personal trainer?  And perhaps you would like to start teaching Fitness Kickboxing?

Become a Fitness Kickboxing instructor in your home town!

Are you interested in traveling, earning more, and having a great job where you can help others get in great shape? Are you bored at your current job? Perhaps you are looking for something new?

Then instructing fitness kickboxing is for you!


We are getting hundreds of emails every month from people who would love to train with fitness kickboxing in their hometown. That’s why we decided to start the Fitness Kickboxing International Instructor seminars.

Why Fitness Kickboxing?

Fitness kickboxing has been one of the fastest growing trends of the last twenty years. It's a great and safe workout. Everyone can train, regardless of age or sex. As an instructor, you don't need any special equipment, so if you wish to start your own program, it is very cheap and easy to do.

Where could I work as a Fitness Kickboxing instructor?

There is a huge demand for fitness kickboxing instructors all over the world. We are getting lots of mail from people who would love to train in fitness kickboxing, but often we can’t offer them anything because we need more instructors! Even some gyms are contacting us to ask if we have anyone who can start teaching at their gym.

During the seminar we will teach you everything you need to know about teaching Fitness Kickboxing classes. Our seminars we will train 16 hours altogether. After the seminar, you will be a certified instructor in our system and then you can either work with us or be an independent instructor

Our goals

Our goal is to get new fitness kickboxing instructors from all over the world. We are looking for people who can teach fitness kickboxing with us or independently.

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What about you?

What is your motivation? Of course, money is a big motivation. With fitness kickboxing alone you can make a good living. Of course, everything depends on how good you are with your classes.

Another thing is the freedom. You will be your own boss, and you will decide how and when you will teach. Most of our instructors teach only 3 to 5 hours a week and they are making good money!

Again, it’s all up to you!

What is Fitness Kickboxing?

Our program combines materials from Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, and Boxing. Normally we work with a focus mitts or kicking pads and gloves. Students work in pairs and normally two-minute rounds. There is no physical contact between students.

How do you join our certified Fitness Kickboxing instructor seminars?

The seminar fee is $199 and this includes training, training manual and certificate.

Join now before all the places are gone!

Next International seminars:

London, United Kingdom

20th and 21st of July

Boston, Massachusetts

3rd and 4th of August

Orlando, Florida USA

10th and 11th of August

San Francisco, USA

10th and 11th of August

New York, USA

17th and 18th of August

Providence, RI USA

24th and 25th of August

Amsterdam, Netherlands

14th and 15th of September

Paris, France

21st and 22nd of September

London, United Kingdom

6th of October

More seminars will come soon!

Locations will be informed one month before seminar!

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