“I’m simply amazed at how fast I’m losing weight.
After trying tons of diets… exercise tapes… gyms… meditations… and a million other things… I wish I had just done this from the beginning."



Fitness Kickboxing is a non - contact whole body workout. Training is fun and exciting! Our class combines fast hand techniques - from boxing and explosive kicking techniques from Kickboxing, and powerful knee, elbow techniques from Muay Thai Kickboxing. 

During Fitness Kickboxing classes, you will work at your own tempo, so, training can be personalised for beginners and advanced trainers, as well.

Why is Fitness Kickboxing is so Effective?

We focus on so - called “High Intensity Interval Training” (or H.I.I.T., for short) The magic of H.I.I.T. lies in its ability to keep you burning fat long after you leave the gym and best of all, you only need to train for 60 minutes to get the best results!

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